Cultural Resources Planning


Sustainable Tourism Plan for Meroe


CSRM developed a sustainable tourism plan to guide the development of a tourism program for the Island of Meroe World Heritage Site that will preserve the cultural and natural resources of the region, be a catalyst for social and economic benefits to its inhabitants, and provide visitors with
an enjoyable and educational experience.


Historic Cape Coast Site Analysis, Ghana

Site analysis and tourism capacity planning for World Heritage sites along the Gold Coast of West Africa.

Ft. Benning ICRMP, Georgia

CSRM developed an integrated cultural resources management plan that included easily scalable monitoring and response procedures, taking advantage of Fort Benning's strong cultural resources management capacity. 

Northwest United States Army Centers

Updates to the Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (ICRMP) and Historic Properties Components (HPCs) of several Army Reserve Centers.

Visitor Experience Plan for Fell's Point, Baltimore

Property management, exhibit planning, and programing for Fell's Point based on previous archaeological and historical research projects in the area.




Environmental Planning


Construction and Use of Recreational ATV Trails on Fort Drum Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact, New York. 

CSRM drafted the EA and FNSI for a project to build recreational ATV trails on the installation. A total of eight alternatives were considered, including the No Action alternative. The EA and FNSI addressed a number of challenges, including the installation of trails in wetlands and access by non-military personnel.

Logandale Trails System Integrated Resource and Recreation Area Management Plan Environmental Assessment (EA), Nevada

The EA evaluated three alternatives, including the No Action alternatives, for the trails system.

Petra Visitor Services Plan, Jordan

Working with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan, CSRM developed a sustainable visitor services plan for Petra Archaeological Park.