Northwest United States Army Reserve Centers


CSRM worked with the Department of Defense to update its Integrated Cultural Resource Management Programs (ICRMPs) and Historic Properties Components (HPCs) for Army Reserve Centers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.



CSRM identified two main tasks in order to update the ICRMPs for each state. First, CSRM conducted an architectural survey of buildings that were over 50 years old. The surveys reviewed both the architectural significance of the structures, as well as their significance within the Cold War period. CSRM created a report outlining the findings, as well as identifying best management practices and recommendations for the State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs). The results of the survey were incorporated into the ICRMPs.

CSRM reviewed the existing ICRMPs and made changes based on current Army processes and information. For instance, the way that changes to existing sites are identified within the Army has been reorganized and streamlined. Additionally, the information provided by the Section 110 surveys was used in the descriptions of some installations.

Finally, CSRM update the Historic Preservation Components, or HPCs, for each state. The HPC provides guidelines for implementing Section 110 surveys. Similar to the ICRMPs, CSRM made changes to reflect current Army processes and survey results.