Interpretive Plan for Petra Archaeological Park


In order to better manage the park and encourage economic activity, CSRM developed an Interpretive Plan for Petra Archaeological Park (Petra) for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan. The interpretive materials help visitors plan their visit before and during arrival. The additional interpretive activities will increase the length of time visitors stay, thus stimulating the local economy.


Interpretation Approach

Interpretation includes all of the information a visitor will receive about the site, including research done before the visit and follow-up discussion after the visit. As such, the Interpretative Plan focused on four stages making up a total visit to the site:

  • Outreach and Pre-arrival
  • Orientation and Access
  • On-Site Exploration
  • Off-site Programming and Links

CSRM developed themes to be repeated in a multitude of media. The interpretive themes are designed to highlight the cultural significance of the site and its natural environment, as well as the interaction between the land and people. These themes will be presented at each of the four visit stages.

Supporting the goals of the plans, CSRM outlined strategies for using media to reach visitors and the public. The variety of media addresses the many ways in which the public experiences Petra. CSRM developed master narratives for relevant topics within the Park, which are used an adapted for the following media:

  • Programming
  • Publications
  • Visitor center
  • Museums
  • Wayside Exhibits
  • Additional Trail Routes
  • Web site
  • Museum Presentations
  • Educational Programs
  • Partnerships
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring